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Fitness & Wellness Programs


We offer personalized fitness training & acupuncture / wellness services right in the heart of new york city.

We specialize in weight loss, toning & shaping, stress management, pain reduction and mindful meditation.

If you are experienced or a novice, in your early 30's or late 70's; it's never too late nor too early to carve-out a path to create a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Do any of these resonate with you:

  • 1. You are having a hard time keeping up with your weight loss program?
  • 2. You have started diets, only to struggle sticking to them? As a result, you gain all the weight you managed to lose and more.
  • 3. Are you suffering from pain due to bad posture or incorrect exercise?
  • 4. Or, you're simply too exhausted and stressed out at the end of the day that you're not able to attend any social function? Do you want to feel more alive and energetic so you can put the fun back into your life?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions, then you are in the right place!

I am a Certified New York City Personal Trainer, Pilates-Yoga Instructor and Licensed Acupuncturist. Since 1992 I've personally worked with hundreds of different clients all over the NYC Area and witnessed the remarkable and immediate changes that people can make with the right personal trainer, practitioner, healthy nutritional habits and exercise regimen.

If you are courageous enough to let go of the old way of thinking and want something new and up-to-date, that might create real and lasting changes in your life, then give us a call for a free 30 minute consultation – so we can discuss how to:

  • 1. Create an exercise regimen designed specifically for your needs, goals and pre-existing conditions to help YOU lose the excess weight and keep it off, and finally, get the flat belly you always wanted.
  • 2. Shape and tone your body to look sexier, leaner, and more toned.
  • 3. Feel healthier, be pain-free, stress-free and Look younger too.
  • 4. Create an achievable personalized fitness program to improve your overall golf and racquet game.

We will do this by tracking your progress periodically and re-evaluate your program on a regular basis, while making the necessary changes along the way to keep you motivated and excited about reaching your goals.

What sets us apart from other lifestyle programs is that we don't treat just one aspect of the individual, we treat the whole person: body, mind and beyond.

Try Acufitliving for a free, no obligation, 30 minute consultation about Weight Loss, Toning & Shaping. Acupuncture Services, Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Management and Pain Reduction.

Call us via Tel: 917 445-9969 or e-mail us at: to get started today

What Our Clients & Patients Say:

We've delivered personal training and wellness services for almost 20 years . We draw upon these years of knowledge and experience to deliver the very best service.

Karl E. Seib, Jr.


I wanted to recommend another personal trainer at the Princeton Club, Silvio Bianculli, who has been training me since August 2008. Silvio focuses on exercises to help you play golf better and without injury (although he also trains people for other sports) — and I have found him to be really first-rate.

David Blasband, Mclaughlin, Stern New York City


I am an avid golfer and as a result of my training with Silvio,  within a few months I added 20 yards to my drive.

Arline G.


I have been training with Silvio, in my apartment, for over 15 years. Over this period of time he has helped me in so many ways. He has helped me to strengthen my body. He is very patient, observant and knows which exercises are best for me.  Sometimes, he has recommended various foods that are healthy. And also, of great importance and benefit is the mindful meditation that we do each session. Silvio is very reliable. He is on time and occasionally when something comes up that he will be late or has to change the day, he sends me a text.  The quality of Silvio's work is excellent. He really goes beyond my expectations. On occasion, Silvio has performed Acupuncture on me which helped to minimize the pain that I was experiencing.I highly recommend him. 

Herb B.


As a senior, after about 2 years with Silvio, I can highly recommend him. My spine and posture, my energy and body tone are greatly improved. My program with him highly increased my overall strength. Highly recommended.

Chris B


I began working with Silvio in September of 2013 and we are now going on 1.5 years. Since day one we have worked 3-4 days a week, he has never been late or missed a session without at least a day's warning.  On top of that, and most importantly, Silvio has worked with all my injuries and pain, he has shown an open-mind to what I know about my body and how to incorporate that in his routine(s). Equally important, he doesn't keep his work inside a box as so many people do. I would not hesitate to let others know about Silvio as he provides a myriad of skills that run the gamut from workout, to physical rehab, and many other areas. He's the consummate professional and a huge reason I am better able to handle my injuries and feel better much more than I ever did before, I look forward to working with him each and every time.

Leanna Landsmann
, New York City


Hi Silvio, Back Pain and Sciatica It’s not a stretch to say that Silvio Bianculli cured my backache and sciatica problems. For years, I sought relief from therapists, doctors and drugs, but it wasn’t until Silvio developed a core strengthening program that I became pain-free. I wished I’d found him earlier – I’d have saved myself money, energy and aggravation. I’ve recommended Silvio to friends and they all thank me for helping to change the way they work out. Silvio’s approach is efficient, effective and easy to use for a lifetime.

Chip Block, 
New York City


Hello Silvio, My posture has improved and I’m much more limber,thanks Silvio..not bad for a 60-year-old, he’s helping me to straighten up and fly right.

Ellen Christiansen, 
New York


Hello Silvio, It’s hard to get the discipline to work out regularly so having you visit my home has forced me to work out. I’ve tried many diets and without an exercise program just twice a week helped me lose over 40 pounds. Thank you so much.

Susan E. Drumm
, New York City


You forced me to set realistic goals and worked with me to achieve them. At this rate, my fitness goals and weight loss goals are within reach.

Deborah Emin, 
New York City


Hi Silvio, I am pleased to pass along a couple of lines in praise of your great work. Silvio cured my headaches & backaches with a combination of acupuncture work and relaxation techniques that in essence saved my life. To be free of that kind of pain without drugs while learning how to exercise and take care of myself is a truly wonderful way to be treated. He is the best at this kind of work I have ever met.