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Living a healthy lifestyle book

Personal Training / Wellness Services
In New York City

Personal Trainer For Pilates, Acupuncture and Yoga,
Weight Loss, Stress Management, and Pain Reduction


Effective weight loss program

If you want an effective weight loss program, then hire a proficient personal trainer. One that can help you step in the right direction. After assessing your fitness level and knowing your health goals, the trainer will create a program that keeps you motivated for the long haul. One that will push you out of your comfort zone and make sure you show up at the gym each week.

Losing weight and changing habits is a hard task, especially, if you are trying to do it alone. That is why there is a need to have someone by your side, who will guide you through the weight loss process.

The key to weight loss; is not to use food as emotional filler. Develop a healthy eating habit; start on a sound exercise program. A daily visualization practice of your end objective will guide you towards safe and quick weight loss to last a lifetime.


Effective weight loss method with acupuncture

Another effective weight loss method is through acupuncture. It has been practiced in China for thousands of years and has spread throughout the world. Aside from losing weight, it also provides therapeutic benefits such as stress management and pain reduction.

More physicians have accepted acupuncture as a treatment for a wide range of health conditions and illnesses. Acupuncture is safe, with little to no side effects, and it is the ideal alternative for patients who do not respond to pain medications.

Acupuncture is especially good for promoting the body's ability to heal and recuperate. Studies have shown that acupuncture can induce a relaxation response, which decreases heart rate, lowers blood pressure, improves digestion, eases migraine pain, reduces stress, and best of all; leaving you feeling more energetic.


Yoga and pilates exercises

Yoga combines a unique blend of physical postures,

breathing exercises, meditation and a working philosophy for living. Studies have shown that certain yoga poses may help reduce back pain and get you back on your feet again. A regular yoga practice might have other health benefits such as weight loss, lower blood pressure, as well as help with anxiety and depression. The yoga secret to longevity and well-being is to keep the spine flexible; a flexible spine translates to a flexible lifestyle.

Pilates is a system of movement, strengthening and flexibility.

Pilates exercises will take your workout to a whole new level. One that allows you to get in touch with "your core" - the deep abdominal muscles that support the spine and your movements. A sound and safe Pilates exercise practice shows tremendous results in providing relief from chronic back pain.

If you are experienced or a novice, in your early 30's or late 70's; it´s never too late nor too early to carve-out a path to create a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Do any of these resonate with you: You are having a hard time keeping up with your weight loss program? You have started diets, only to struggle sticking to them? As a result, you gain all the weight you managed to lose and more. Are you suffering from pain due to bad posture or incorrect exercise? Or, are you feeling tired and stressed out each day after work? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, then you are in the right place!

I am Silvio Bianculli, Certified New York City Personal Trainer, Pilates-Yoga Instructor and Licensed Acupuncturist. Since 1992 I've personally worked with hundreds of different clients all over the NYC Area and witnessed the remarkable & immediate changes that people can make with the right personal trainer, practitioner, healthy nutritional habits & exercise regimen.

There is a simple law in life that states, If you keep thinking the way you've been thinking, then, you will be getting what you've been getting. If you are courageous enough to let go of the old way of thinking and want something new and up-to-date, that might create real and lasting changes in your life, then give us a call for a free consultation -- so we can discuss how to:

Weight loss and stress management personal training in New York city

Create an exercise regimen designed specifically for your needs, goals and pre-existing conditions to help YOU lose the excess weight and keep it off, and finally, get the flat belly you always wanted.

Shape and tone your body to look sexier, leaner, and more toned.

Feel healthier, be pain-free, stress-free and Look younger too.

Create an achievable personalized fitness program to improve your overall golf and racquet game.

We will do this by tracking your progress periodically and re-evaluate your program on a regular basis, while making the necessary changes along the way to keep you motivated and excited about reaching your goals.

Try Acu-fit-living for a free, no obligation, 30 minute consultation about

Acupuncture and Weight Loss, Yoga, Pilates,

Stress Management and Pain Reduction.