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Our Philosophy is…
An Ounce of Prevention in Each Moment is Worth a Pound of Cure Down the Road


In a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, noted health expert Professor Edward Mcauley presented new findings which showed that sedentary seniors felt happier after embarking on an exercise program. It was also shown that five years later, self-esteem and confidence remained higher than sedentary seniors.

Are You Experiencing Any of These Problems?


Do you suffer from aches and pains which tend to linger for long periods of time? Are you experiencing pain from bad posture, RSI, or stress? Do you sit at your computer all day? Are your shoulders rounded forward and your head jutting out? We understand the problem and can help to relieve the pain.

Are you exhausted and stressed out at the end of the day? You may feel fine after your morning coffee, but do you feel like a zombie after work? Do you want to feel more alive and energetic?

At Acufitliving, we understand what has been holding you back. And we know how to give you a helping hand. If you don't deal with your health issues now, you'll end up with a major health problem down the road. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

At Acufitliving, we have your best interests at heart. We help you to focus on your problems and goals and offer viable solutions to reach your objectives.

We understand today's busy lifestyle and want to help you find the time to make healthy diet and exercise choices, no matter how busy you are. We will help you loose that excess weight and make sure you maintain a healthy weight for the long run.

We will help you to improve the results you receive from exercise. We've been training individuals long enough to know why some workouts work better than others. Once we design the proper program for you, you'll begin to see the results almost immediately.

We will help you get rid of chronic / recurring aches and pains. We believe good health should result in pain-free living. Our approach is designed with overall improved health in mind.

Based on your body type, physical condition, and personal goals, your personal coach will create a customized workout using combinations of these exercises and tools: Exercise, Acupuncture and EFT Techniques, Herbs, Nutrition, Massage, Hypno-Relaxation and Meditation Techniques will help to remove blockages from your body's energy system, strengthen core muscles, and re-educate the body's nervous system to improve posture, balance, and co-ordination and keep you stress and pain-free for the long run.

The program we devise for you will bring fast results, whether you're looking to get into great shape, improve your game performance, or simply looking to relieve yourself of persistent pain, stress, or exhaustion.

We will put you in touch with a nutrition and health counselor. A qualified counselor will create a healthy eating program so you can make the right food choices for your body type and current condition.

What sets us apart from other lifestyle programs is that we don't treat just one aspect of the individual, we treat the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

And best of all...

Your personal fitness and wellness coach can come to your home or office. We will also maintain regular contact via email and phone to keep you motivated and focused on achieving those goals.



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