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Psychologists are saying that there are... hundreds if not thousands of different stimuli that can create multiple levels and degrees of stress in our lives.

From fear of change, to loss of a spouse, to our safety and our family's safety and security in this world, to the negative news in the media being pumped into the minds of people everyday.

All this stress that's coming into our lives, if it's not processed and managed properly can have an adverse and detrimental affect on our daily performances, our physical health as well as our emotional well being.

As we move into the new millennium we will be more challenged then ever to finding new and effective strategies on how to control and manage these stressors in our lives, before it creates a myriad of health and mental health problems in our lives and continue to corrupt the state of the health care system in this country.

Stress is simply, a negative reaction (fight or flight response) of the mind to the fear of change or the unknown, that's constantly being presented in our daily lives. The key to all of this is to remain centered and balanced and to trust that higher presence within us to guide and direct our lives, for it holds the greatest and highest intention for us and has all the available resources for us to deal with present circumstances if we learn to trust and live out of the present moment, rather than reacting from programmed responses from the past or anticipating or being anxious about the unknown future, which have the undesirable effect of disrupting our natural state of the mind and ultimately creating chaos and confusion our lives .

Developing awareness is crucial in not allowing the consciousness to drift out into the periphery and get caught up in the web of each and every changing situation.

Acufitliving offers new and effective solutions to age-old problems and here are some of the 8 best ways to remain properly centered and balanced in both our challenging and changing environments.



These are all useful and effective ways to gain control of your life's constant and increasing challenges and create the life you want by design and not by past programming.


Remember, be in control of your the rider and not the horse!


What we need is the right information, so we can take the right action and get the right results we want in our lives. One of the best ways to do this is to go with the flow of life's constant changes and challenges, rather then resisting change out of fear of the unknown. Remember, what we resist in our lives, will keep persisting.

Another way is to look at this is from a different perspective altogether and ask yourself this very important question: What opportunities does this changing situation afford me? How can I learn, grow and benefit from this real life experience, so I can reach my fullest and highest potential?



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