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Cheers, my name is Silvio Bianculli,  I am a Nationally Certified Exercise Specialist~N Y State Licensed Acupuncturist~ Certified Herbalist~ Nationally Certified Hypnotist, Wellness Coach and a Certified Pilates & Yoga Instructor.

In the 16 years I’ve been in the health and fitness field, I’ve developed working relationships with certified fitness specialists and nutrition and health counselors who share my philosophy that: feeling well is living well.

I’ve personally worked with hundreds of clients all over the tri-state area and witnessed the remarkable changes that people can make with the right fitness trainer, practitioner, healthy eating plan and exercise regimen.

In some cases, it has literally saved people’s lives, but don’t take my word for it! Check out our testimonials.

Enough About Us…its All about YOU!

Looking good and feeling better naturally is now just a phone call away. Try Acufitliving now for a FREE, no obligation 15-minute consultation. Call us now to get started today:

Tel:917 445-9969 or E-mail us at: silvio@acufitliving.com

Best in Regards, Silvio B

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