The Benefits of Yoga Exercises

by silvioliving on January 17, 2015

slideshow-4 Yoga exercises help to keep the body flexible and strong. By opening energy channels and removing pent up energy caused by stress and negative emotions. Energy flows more freely in the body resulting in a more balanced body & mind.






Asanas (poses or postures) help to strengthen the nervous system against morning caffeine jolts and the daily sympathetic fight or flight response from the stressors in life. While in the yoga pose, one must focus their breath in these restricted areas, resulting more blood and oxygen flow and creating a feeling of expansion and growth in one’s body, as well as one’s life.


The yoga secret to keeping the body looking and feeling young is to keep the spine flexible. A flexible body & mind translates into a flexible lifestyle, thus reducing the risks of arthritic conditions occurring in the body.

An ounce of prevention in each moment is worth a pound of cure down the road.


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