Is Your mind Sabotaging Your Happiness?

by silvioliving on May 24, 2015

buddhaIs it possible to put a switch in the mind and turn OFF the chatter when its not needed?
Yes.. that switch is Meditation. Meditation is a science, the art of learning how to turn your mind OFF when its not needed.

2 things that can be benefited from a restful mind.

 First, you can experience a peace, a bliss which you have never known before. The restful mind will be  fresher, more alert and when you are ready to use- it, it will function more efficiently and when you speak… your words will be more meaningful, more powerful, more charismatic, more influential, more poetic.

 And second, when the mind  chatter stops for the first time in your life you will get to know your being, the Satchitananda. When chit, the consciousness awakens  as the true-self, bliss will be its reward.


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