The Tale of the Two Fools and the Wise One

by silvioliving on January 2, 2016

Happy Couple Mocking Having Fun Playing The Fool. …This tale has been  told by many Mystics, the wise one knows the fool, cause, he was once a fool himself. The fool knows-not of the wise-one, cause, he has yet to become wise himself, the fools live  their lives like auto-matized robots, repeating the same old foolish mistakes over and over again.

Lets call these two un-awakened fools, both un-conscious and un-aware of their inner being, both, living in their own little  private dream world, clueless of how they manifest in their environment and the laws of nature that permeate and influence all things.

Fool number 1 spits on fool number 2, and the second fool reacts and returns the spit right back, the act is complete, it is like spitting in the sky and it falls right back on-to your face.

 At this level of awareness the problem is equalized, an eye for an eye,  action and reaction, the foolish act has been balanced with an equal and like foolish act. You harm someone and that individual returns that harm back to you.

Now, lets take the tale of the fool and the wise one. when you harm someone who is innocent, an awakened one, a Buddha or a Christ, they have greater awareness and deeper understanding of things and will not return the harm back to you. On the contrary, they will have compassionate understanding towards you, for they understand perfectly well of life’s inner workings and its lawful and orderly process of running things.

The wise one does not react to the fools act...but, on the contrary, simply, remains conscious and alert in the PRESENT moment. He or she simply watches and knows that existence will take revenge on his or her behalf, cause, existence always takes the side of the awakened one.

Remember, the fools act has not been equalized, its still one-sided and incomplete, and the karmic law will return in just, what they have sown, and possibly, one-hundred times even more. Simply, a case of sowing and reaping and nothing more.

The Good news is; you are free to choose your actions, the bad news is; you don’t get to choose the consequences of those actions.

So… where does the trouble lie? Wellit lies in the foolish act of getting revenge of course, its the battle of the Egos, the 2 fools!

An ounce of prevention in each moment is worth a pound of cure down the road.

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