The good, the bad and the old mystic…

by silvioliving on January 20, 2018

12246741_1013778968679613_7650393143198922570_nThere was once a great old mystic sitting in quiet meditation outside the gates of a big old town. On one dark and gloomy afternoon day, a big dark shadow suddenly appeared and was making its way into the town…surprised and concerned the mystic shouted for the shadow to stop, and asked, why have you come?…the shadow replied,  I am the dark plague and I have come to kill one thousand bad people in this old and ugly town…only bad people asked the old mystic?… yes, I have only come to kill the bad people.

And during those few days many thousands of people died, bad people as well as many monks and noble people.

Three days later, the old man was sitting quietly, anxiously waiting for this dark and gloomy shadow to make its way out of the town..The mystic once again shouted for it to stop!! look man you deceived me, you had said you were only going to kill bad people and why have so many good people have died ?… The shadow replied, it was none of my doing, as I had promised..I came and killed only one thousand bad people. Sorry, but i did not kill those good people they all died of themselves from the fear of death itself.



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