3 Steps to To Living A Pain-Free-Active Lifestyle!

In this fast paced society, everyone is running around unaware and without clarity or purpose to their actions, and getting caught up in this matrix of life’s daily routine. Always reacting to the constantly changing external stimuli and internal old programming of how things should be. It seems that we never have enough time to get things done in a proper and timely manner.

We eat fast food, we pop a few pills to get that fast cure, we chase down buses, we dodge through traffic to catch cabs, and forget to walk or take the stairs for exercise. In addition, we move in and out of relationships as fast as we can without reflecting on what caused the break up in the first place, we X-them out and move on to the neXt. We think we are Clark Kent, and can run in and out of the gym as fast as we can without even warming up or cooling down, and repeating those same old habitual patterns daily… basically living like robots programmed from past memories and never living in the present moment of now.

Have you ever tried to slow down and consciously taken a deep breath? Have you ever tried to take the time to focus on what really matters in the here and now? Well, the answer might be that you must try to do things with a purposeful mind-set, with clarity and conviction. Have you tried holding yourself accountable for the consequences of your past actions?

Probably not, because your past actions have been programmed and you’re running on auto-pilot not aware of what you’re actually doing in the first place. Have you ever had the experience of what it feels like to really stretch your body and open your mind? Opening your joints and muscles to release all that pent up energy and what effects it has on your mind?

Did you know that time is just an illusion, it’s all made up, you forgot to remember, that you have more time than you need to heal your body with a sound exercise program and a healthy diet, discipline your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations and nourish your Soul with self-love and right action, Yes, it’s all possible if you live in the present moment.

Well, there are 3 basic steps for avoiding injuries, improving flexibility and increasing physical and mental performance, they are…Warming up, Stretching and Relaxation.

Step 1-Start by warming your body up, take about 10 minutes to warm up your muscles. It’s a lot easier to stretch warm muscles than cold ones which are more prone injury. Stretches should be performed using slow gradual movements. Using a “bouncing” motion during a stretch may lead to muscle or tendon injury. Gently breath into the tight muscle and on the exhale go slowly and deeper into the stretch, as much as your body will allow without overdoing it. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds and remember, only a relaxed muscle will allow itself to stretch properly.

In addition, stretching exercises help to open the energy pathways in the body, thus, allowing more oxygen and blood to flow into those vital organs for a healthier, younger and brighter looking you.

Increased flexibility in the joints also helps to decrease the risks of arthritis setting in.

Remember, a flexible body leads to a flexible mindset!

Step 2- After holding the easy stretch for the necessary duration, move a short distance deeper into the stretch until you feel a slight resistance or tension, hold and eventually the feeling will diminish. If the feeling becomes painful you are overdoing it, back off slightly until it feels comfortable again.

Only hold stretch tensions that feel good and are not painful. Your breath should be slow, deep and rhythmic as you breath deep into those tight areas. You must inhale and visualize the breath creating more space into the tight area, as you exhale, relax and allow your body to move deeper into the stretch.

Step 3- The key to successfully stretching is to be relaxed while you concentrate on the desired area being stretched.


The OPTP stretch out band is one of the best tools on the market to stretch those tight muscles in a comfortable and safe manner. It has a variety of different loops allowing you to walk your hands up the loops making it tighter and easier to go deeper into the stretch. The band is easy to manipulate into positions without fighting with it. Almost like a personal Pilates course.

Also, there are lots of different exercises which come with the booklet and their website is almost like a portable gym. Some of my clients have told me that the best thing about the stretch band is the price and how easy it is to carry and use when you travel. Click on the picture above to order your OPTP stretch out band, today.

In conclusion…

The key to being successful as with anything in life is having the proper knowledge, mindset and practice with a clear and decisive purpose for achieving the end result. Remember, perfect practice gets you perfect results.

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