Are YOU Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places?!

by silvioliving on December 24, 2013

mediCheck this out.…The mind will never allow you to be happy. Whatever the conditions, the mind will always find something to make YOU unhappy about, that’s  just the nature of this mechanism we call the mind.  Believe it or not, it’s  been said that the function of the mind is to make YOU unhappy. It only cares about your safety and survival and cares NOT about YOUR happiness. A little bit of Osho.

Listen, If you drop the mind YOU will be Happy and happy for no reason at all.

Happiness is a natural process…its a continuous and ongoing process just like breathing and its all happening to YOU, whether you are conscious or unconscious of it. It can be found beneath the currents of the mind and YOU are not even aware of  its happening, why, because YOU are all caught up in the nature of the mind, always dwelling in the past and hankering for something better in the future and never found in “the present” the gift is the moment,  the here and now  where happiness is found,  it always always was and it will always will be there. So, stop looking in all the wrong places.

Remember, an Ounce of Prevention in Each Moment is Worth a Pound of Cure Down the Road.

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