How can You know Truth?

by silvioliving on June 12, 2014

First, realize that truth is not far away, you don’t need to go to any special place or on any life journey or sacred pilgrimage, truth is here and now. Just a little distance is needed, a gap, a new way at looking at things, looking at things from a different perspective.

Truth is there waiting for you, but you’ve been looking outside, chasing shadows of the mind, the ego’s subtle ways of controlling you through past memories and future projections.

Yes, truth is there waiting for you, when you turn your attention from the outer projections of the mind to the inner silence, the empty space between your thoughts, the empty blue sky beyond the clouds, the space beyond the mind, and yes, in that silence exists your consciousness, your being, who you truly are, there it awaits patiently for you to reveal the greatest secret to you.

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