No River Has Ever Drowned a Dead Man

by silvioliving on April 12, 2013

In life we must learn to surrender to the present moment in time, surrender to the flow of the river, surrender to nature and also its unchanging laws.

Have you ever noticed that when someone is unable to swim there is a lot of fear that tends to arise and it makes the individual fight with the water. Short after the struggle the water will take him/her under and the mind gets calm,  and the body relaxes.

What is the reason why the dead man has stopped all the fighting and his body has started to float? Well, you should know that it is because the dead body can not fear or even doubt….and this is why it knows the real secret to life!

Are you someone that is ready to surrender your ego, your opinion, and also your contradiction on how things are supposed to be? Are you willing to give up all the good and also the bad? Are you ready to start trusting life’s processes and begin to align yourself with its laws and hope that things will be taken care of?

The only way that the river will support you is if you stop fighting with its flow. The only way that your life will support you is if you learn to stop fighting with its laws.

In Conclusion:

The art of living requires that you live fully in each and every moment and not be directed by your past experiences. You should always be ready to let go of your ambitions and fears, this way the unknown future will be present right in front of you with every single breath here and now.

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