Poor Man Rich Man

by silvioliving on March 26, 2013

Just think for a moment, now!  The poor man lives in misery, but he has hope, he has dreams, he can dream of  owning a beautiful home, having more  money, a better life for his children, etc…he’s in misery in his poverty, but he can still hope for a better future,  a better life, a more beautiful world.

The rich man lives in misery because his hope is gone, he has attained to richness in the material world, he can project into the future, but he knows whatever he needs  he’s already attained to,  and knows that every time he attained it…it only brought a short-lived momentary satisfaction, his hope is gone… He finally realizes that no true happiness can be achieved through objects and forms in the material world!


That’s exactly what happened to the Buddha, he was a prince, the son of a ruler, he lived the life of a rich man, he had it all…a palace, beautiful women…and yet, he became so unhappy that something stirred in him to search for a more beautiful world, “the Spiritual World” a world of stainless beauty and perfect peace and he entered into it.


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