The Secret to Living a Stress-Free Lifestyle

by silvioliving on January 26, 2013

In this fast paced society, everyone is running around unaware and without clarity or purpose to their actions, and getting caught up in this matrix of life’s daily routine.

Always reacting to the constantly changing external stimuli and internal old programming of how things should be. It seems that we never have enough time to get things done in a proper and timely manner.

We eat fast food, we pop a few pills to get that fast cure, we chase down buses, we dodge through traffic to catch cabs, and forget to walk or take the stairs for exercise.

In addition, we move in and out of relationships as fast as we can without reflecting on what caused the break up in the first place, we X-them out and move on to the neXt.

We think we are Clark Kent, and can run in and out of gyms without warming up or cooling down, and repeating those same old habitual patterns daily… basically living like robots programmed from past memories and never living in the present moment of now.

Have you ever tried to slow down and consciously taken a deep breath?

Have you ever tried to take the time to focus on what really matters in the here and now?

When was the last time you took a time-out from your daily routines and made  some quality time for yourself…  to simply learn how to breathe properly?

Are you being mindfully present at each meal and savoring the flavors of each and every bite of your food...or  is your mind drifting off  into memories of the past…or worrying about the future? 

Are you being consciously present in each movement of your exercise routine... or  is your body in the gym and your mind somewhere else?

Are YOU being totally present when making love to your partner…or are you thinking about that hot model from the swimsuit issue?

Well, the answer might be that you must try to do things with a presence of being, a purposeful mind-set, with clarity and conviction.

Have you tried holding yourself accountable for the consequences of your past actions?

Probably not, because your past actions have been programmed and you’re running on auto-pilot not aware of what you’re actually doing in the first place.

Have you ever had the experience of what it feels like to really stretch your body and open your mind? Opening your joints and muscles to release all that pent up energy and what effects it has on your mind?

Did you know that time is just an illusion, it’s all made up, you forgot to remember, that you have more time than you need to heal your body with a sound exercise program and a healthy diet, discipline your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations and nourish your Soul with self-love and right action, Yes, it’s all possible if you live in the present moment of the here and now.

In conclusion…

The secret to living a stress-free lifestyle, while experiencing success in everything YOU do…is to;

  • Learn to live in the moment and being totally present with whatever task you’re  involved in and not allow YOUR mind to dwell on past experiences or being anxious or worrying about the unknown future.
  • Having the proper knowledge and a purposeful mind-set…being clear on what YOU want…being consistent, persistent and decisive in your actions for achieving that end result.

Remember, perfect practice gets you perfect results.

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