The New Art of Being, “Mindfullness”

by silvioliving on April 10, 2013

Meditating togetherScans show that being mindful helps to improve brain function, aids in concentration and helps to reduce stress hormones, and recover more quickly from negative thought patterns of the mind…. according to a recent article in the New York Times on March 23, 2013.

Elementary school students do it. Doctors and their patients do it and yes, even prisoners practice the art of mindfulness.  There is also the art of mindful eating that translates to a healthier way of eating.

Most of us run our daily life on auto pilot, stuck in the matrix of the minds program, we live and experience life through the filters of the mind, so,  being mindful helps us to be present to live and experience the richness of the present moment of the here and now, rather then.. living from past fears  and worries about the unknown future. To put in one complete nut shell, mindfulness is all about being present.

How do we achieve this state of being mindful or being present? Well, sorry folks…there is no easy way out, just like exercise, if you want to strengthen and build muscles of the body, you need to work out and be consistent in your development, developing the power of concentration and strengthen the muscle of the mind takes some hard work and concentrated energy.

To develop this presence of being, set aside a few minutes everyday start with 5- 10 minutes everyday and gradually increase your time as you go along, best before you get out of bed in the morning or just before bedtime, some of my client practice on the train or just before a meeting, or whenever you have some free time, or even during or after a stressful event or situation.

The whole idea is to keep your consciousness present and not allowing it to drift off with the traffic of the mind. Focus on the breath the inhale…5 count and the exhale… 5 count, let the breath become smooth and rhythmic, let the mind and the breath become one and try to catch yourself when you are drifting off with the chatter of the mind and bring your awareness back to the numbers and the breath.

As you develop this ability to stay present in your exercise it will transfer to all aspects of your life. In relationships you become a better listener and listen more clearly to the needs of your partner, rather then the chatter response of your own mind, when you exercise you find yourself being present with and every movement of the exercise and not allowing your mind to drift off to the workplace or any other place, it helps to reduce injuries and get more out of your workouts. Also great a great way to de-stress from the pressures and demands of the workplace, especially, when dealing with tough clients and strict deadlines.

In Conclusion, the whole goal of mindfulness is to remain present with whatever you are doing and doing it 100 percent effectively and receiving 100 percent results from your concentrated effort.

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